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8 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn Baby

There’s no doubt that you love your newborn baby. As a mother, you want nothing more than to be close to your child. Bonding time is a wonderful opportunity to get to know him or her more closely, and for your baby to start recognizing you. 

Bonding is important as it makes your baby feel safe and secure, and this is crucial for their growth and development too. Here are some of the most effective ways you can start bonding with your baby:


Breastfeeding is a comforting time for your baby as they will be close to your chest, and therefore be able to hear your heartbeat. They will also be able to recognize your personal scent and therefore recognize you as a parental figure.

Holding and cuddling

Whether it’s to calm your baby down when he or she is crying or just to show love, cuddling, rocking and holding them is really effective. Any type of skin contact will soothe your baby and make them feel secure.

Singing lullabies

You may not believe that you have a great singing voice, but any calm and quiet song that you sing to your child will help them recognize your voice. Songs will have a calming effect on you too, especially if you’re feeling tired and stressed from parenting duties. Songs also help your baby recognize melody and rhythm, which will stimulate their brain development.

Talking  and cooing

Just like singing, the calming presence of your voice, while you’re with your baby, is able to provide a strong sense of security. Talk to them about your day, or tell them a story. You can also make adorable gurgling noises to make your baby smile.

Making lots of eye contact

Eye contact with your baby should help you connect better, especially during feeding or any other activity. Eye contact lets your child know you love him or her and that you’re always there for them.

Carrying them around in a sling

On a daily basis, you can keep your child close to you while you go about your daily business. You can do this using a baby sling carrier that attaches to the front or side. Being close to you as you go about your activities and chores allows them to feel your warmth.

Playing with your baby

Bonding isn’t something that should be viewed as a chore or a task. It can be fun too. That’s why you should always take time out to play with your baby. There are many different toys that can stimulate your baby’s intellect, as well as stuffed toys that provide comfort and warmth.

A soft massage

Gently massaging your baby is great for your baby’s health. Use some baby oil or baby lotion and rub it on your child after bath time for a relaxing experience that will benefit you both.

Bonding between mother and child is different for everyone. For some mothers, it takes longer, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. As long as you consistently show your baby that he or she is loved, it will work out. For assurance, you can always reach out to the professional nurses at Mommy Mansion for expert advice.

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