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Are You Expecting Twins? Here’s How to Prepare

Statistics show that roughly about 3-4% of all live births are twins, and 0.1% are triplets or more. Having twins can be an intimidating experience, as you may be worried about time management and finances. There’s also the headache of having to manage two newborns instead of one- Taking care of two crying babies to feed at night, twice the nappy changes, preparing two bottles at feeding time, and the like.

Before you panic, take a deep breath and know that it’s possible to raise twins without any significant issues. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare for their arrival:

  1. Speak to other experienced couples

It helps to speak to other parents of multiple births as they’ve been through it before. You’ll obtain real insights and gain useful advice, especially on how to manage yourself and your stamina. It also helps if you can get in touch with a support group for parents with multiple births. There are some groups online on social media, and you’ll get even more input from there, and also ask the pertinent questions.

  1. Prepare for extra help after birth

Part of your preparations for welcoming twins should involve having additional help to care for your babies after they’re born. This can be a family member or a nanny. Support is necessary, at least for the first year, to ease you into your role as a parent. It won’t be easy at first, so having extra hands around the house to share the responsibilities of caring for your newborns will be vital to your health and ensure you don’t burn out. If you plan on hiring a nanny or doula, this should also be factored into your budget.

During your confinement period, staying at confinement centers like Mommy Mansion will enable you to have the 24-hour help and support you need to cope with the first few weeks after your newborns arrive. You’ll be able to provide adequate attention to either child when the time requires.

  1. Seek professional medical care

Having twins will affect your body a little differently than a single birth. You should, therefore, visit a specialist for proper medical advice. Although you won’t need double the usual consultation, you’ll need more careful monitoring, especially if your twins are sharing one single placenta. Doctors will have to monitor their growth to ensure that they’re both growing at an equal pace and getting adequate nutrition. Rather than having an ultrasound every month, twins will usually require a scan every two weeks from the 12th week onwards.

  1. Plan a schedule for your twins

To manage your twins better, have them on a routine from the moment they’re born. They should most ideally be fed and put to bed at the same time. This will make your daily tasks better as you don’t have to juggle two separate schedules for your newborns. It will also ensure you still have time for yourself throughout the day.

  1. List down necessary purchases

It’s not true that you have to buy two of everything when you’re expecting twins. Toys and bassinets can be shared. However, there are some things you need two of, like child car seats, a double-seat stroller, feeding bottles, and more.

Having twins is an exceptional experience that not all parents get to have, so you should cherish it while it lasts, as your children can grow up pretty fast. Remember to reach out for help and advice if you ever get overwhelmed. 

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