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Expecting a new baby? Here’s How to Plan Your Budget

For many, the news of pregnancy is something that brings immense joy, especially for couples who’ve wanted a child for a long time. There are many preparations that need to be made to welcome your baby, both emotionally and physically. One of the more practical aspects involves preparing financially for your child’s birth. 

Here are some of the things you should be prepared to spend on:

Visits to the Gynaecologist

Even before birth, you’ll need to consult a pregnancy specialist who will do regular scans to ensure the baby is doing well. They will also advise you on the proper diet, supplements, and self-care you need to do. In cases where you’re suffering pregnancy discomforts as a mother, such as pain or nausea, they can prescribe the necessary treatments. During your pregnancy, you should visit the Gynae at least once a month, on average, even if nothing is wrong.

The average cost per visit: RM80 –RM150


The Birthing Process

The cost of giving birth depends on whether you choose to do so in a government facility or a private hospital. Nowadays, private maternity packages are available where everything from your lodgings to consultation and health tests is included. Another aspect that influences the cost of your hospital stay would be whether you’re giving birth naturally or via cesarean section. Any extra procedures or treatment of complications, such as suction cups, epidurals and the like will add to the cost.

Public hospital : RM 100- RM400 ( Natural), RM 1000- RM1500 ( Cesarean)

Private hospital : RM7,000- RM15,000 ( Natural), RM20,000 –RM25,000 ( Cesarean)

Daily neccessities

There are some things you just can’t do without, such as a child car seat which has been made mandatory by the government, as well as things like clothes, diapers, and milk powder. Here’s how much they cost on average:

  1. Milk powder: RM90-RM120 for 900g which lasts for about one week. So for one month, about RM 360 –RM 480.
  2. Diapers: One pack of diapers cost about RM50 for a pack of 77, so if you have about 4 changes a day, that would work out to RM80-RM100 per month.
  3. Eating utensils – These include milk bottles, milk bags, brush, towels, napkins, and more. It should set you back about RM150.
  4. Sleep items- Blankets, mattresses, cots, baby bouncers, and pillows can cost up to RM400.
  5. Car seat and strollers – Thankfully, there are many places selling pre-loved and budget strollers and car seats, so you can get one for as low as RM120-RM180. Brand new ones might set you back RM300-RM500.
  6. Clothing- This one has a very large range of prices, depending on where you shop. Branded baby clothes can cost up to RM150 per set, but if you’re shopping at a budget store they can be as affordable as RM10. To be safe, you should set aside about RM50-200 per month. Since babies outgrow their outfits really fast, you don’t really need that many sets.
  7. Toys – There are many safe and educational toys to suit your baby’s age. You can find them as affordable as RM20 all the way up to RM300.

Confinement Ladies or Confinement Centers

You can either opt for a more traditional confinement lady who will stay over at your home, or stay at a modern confinement center (like Mommy Mansion!). In fact, their costs are not significantly different. The current market rate for a confinement lady is RM5000- RM6000 for 30 days, and a part-time one will set you back about RM4500.

Confinement centers also charge about RM10,000 to RM30,000 for a 30-day stay, and you’ll enjoy a lot more benefits, like the presence of a professional nurse, comfortable lodgings, workshops, and more.

Come speak to our Mommy Mansion staff for the best deals, and to ensure that you get the best price for your stay here.

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