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Here’s What You Need to Pack If You’re Staying at a Confinement Center

Packing for a 28-day stay (or longer) at a confinement centre is slightly different than packing for your delivery at a hospital. For starters, you now have a new baby in tow, and you’ll need to pack for them too. 

The first step in packing is always to check with the confinement centre regarding what items are provided and what is not. Many centres, Mommy Mansion included, will readily accommodate your preferences if you decide you want to bring in your own products for yourself and your baby. Here are the basic items you’ll need throughout your stay:

Sarongs and Long-sleeved tops

A sarong is a traditional piece of cloth that can be wrapped around as a skirt. It makes moving about very easy and can be easily changed and laundered in the event of any post-natal bleeding. Long-sleeved tops are also advisable in order to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your stay. Some women prefer dressing in housecoats or dressing gowns and those work too. Just make sure your clothing is comfortable and breathable.

Baby clothes 

Preferably, you should prepare at least 5-10 sets of baby clothing for your child. These can include newborn socks, shawl, sleepsuits and the like, to help keep your baby warm.

Confinement centres also provide laundry services so you don’t have to do the washing by yourself. Diapers are usually provided too. Another thing you may want to bring along is a swaddling cloth or baby sleeping bag which can be used to wrap your newborn.

Disposable underwear

During the first few weeks after giving birth, many women experience post-natal bleeding. Some of these can be rather heavy. During this time, disposable underwear will come in pretty handy and convenient. Check if the confinement centre provides sanitary napkins and sanitary padding for your bed. If not, you should pack these along too.

Traditional Bath Herbs

These days, there are postnatal herbal bath herbs in the form of sachets. You can add one sachet to your bath water and cleanse yourself without worrying about cleaning dried leaves and twigs from the bathroom floor.

Toiletries and Skincare

If you’re not too strict on taboos and want to bathe, you should also pack things like shampoos, bath soaps, combs and skincare products. Some mothers find that their skin becomes dry after giving birth, so having moisturizers and lip balm helps. Otherwise, you can pack your usual skincare products. If you don’t intend to bathe, you’ll want to consider packing dry shampoos, wet wipes and hand sanitizers.

Healthy snacks

It’s totally okay to nibble on your favourite snacks in between meals. Consider healthier snacks like nuts, oats, muesli, dried fruits and fresh fruits. Additionally, you may want to pack some hot beverages for when you feel the chills coming on.

If you’re still unsure of what to pack, just talk to any one of our staff at Mommy Mansion and they will answer all your questions about what’s available here. Happy packing!

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