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Post-Partum Supplements: What’s Safe and Necessary

As a mother who has just given birth, your body needs all the nutrients it can get in order to recover. This is why a balanced and nutritious meal is important. The supplements your body needs after giving birth is actually similar to those that you need while still pregnant. 

Supplements can help your healing process and ensure your body produces healthy breast milk for your baby. These are some of the supplements you can consider taking. Remember that they can be taken in combination (like in a vitamin and mineral tablet) and don’t have to be consumed alone:


DHA Omega-3

You’ve probably seen DHA advertised as a part of baby milk powder. The reason for that is because DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is an essential nutrient for infant development, especially the development of their brains and eyes. DHA Omega-3 is a fatty acid that cannot be produced by our bodies. It is a nutrient that we have to consume from our food. Although DHA is found naturally in breast milk, breastfeeding mothers should consume DHA to ensure that there’s enough in your breast milk for you baby. DHA Omega-3 can be found in many lactation supplements.


B Vitamins

All the B Vitamins are crucial for your nervous system, as it helps to alleviate the effects of stress and ease fatigue. This is a useful supplement to take during the first few months after childbirth as your sleep patterns may be disrupted while caring for your newborn. This period may also be stressful as there are many adjustments to make, so it’s always good to have B Vitamins on standby.


Iron and Folic Acid

Both iron and folic acid are essential nutrients for the formation of red blood cells in your body. They help your body replenish any blood loss experienced during childbirth or during your first few menstrual periods after childbirth (which in many women tend to be heavier and/or longer). Iron is also good for breastfeeding moms as it supplies iron to your baby for a healthy thyroid system.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient than you can get in limited amounts from your diet, but it is most commonly synthesized when your body is exposed to sunlight. As babies don’t spend much time outdoors, they run the risk of being low in Vitamin D. As such, breastfeeding mothers should ensure that they get enough Vitamin D so that they can provide their babies with it through their breast milk.


Probiotics and prebiotics

Probiotics are live ‘good’ bacteria that live in your guts and play an important role in controlling the ‘bad’ or dangerous bacteria. Prebiotics are foods that encourage the proliferation of probiotics. Both of these will help strengthen your immune system, and protect your digestive system which may be compromised from tiredness, stress and lack of sleep.

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