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What a Professional Nurse Can Offer at Confinement Centers?

As an expectant mother, you may be wondering how confinement centres may differ from more traditional forms of post-natal care, such as having a confinement lady staying over and spending your confinement period at home.

One aspect that sets confinement centres apart is the presence of professional healthcare workers on-site, usually a trained nurse. Professional nurses offer something extra to your confinement experience. These include:

  1.     Being present 24 hours a day

At Mommy Mansion, we have trained nurses on standby at every hour of the day, even in the middle of the night. This means that you can get professional advice and consultation anytime. This is may come handy in times of unplanned events and emergencies which may happen.

  1.     Knowledge of first aid

A nurse is medically trained to perform first aid in times of medical emergencies, which is crucial to your health and wellbeing. Not only will the nurse be able to provide first aid for you as the mother, but they will also be able to provide aid for your baby if the need arises. For mothers who have undergone C-section, a nurse will be extremely helpful for post-surgery monitoring of wound and cleaning.

  1.     Guiding you on breastfeeding

If you’re new to the concept of breastfeeding, you’ll feel more confident with someone around that has updated, scientific knowledge about the process. The nurse will be able to provide you with appropriate medically backed advice in case you’re not producing enough milk, or if your baby is not latching on. These advices are often practical and proven, which will be in focus on what you and your baby might need.

  1.     Monitoring yours and your baby’s daily health

Apart from providing healthcare support, the staff nurse at Mommy Mansion will also monitor your physical condition on a daily basis. This will include taking measurements of your physical signs such as blood pressure and weight. Similarly, the staff nurse will also monitor your baby’s daily physical statistics such as weight and how much milk the baby has consumed. Through these statistics, you’ll be able to observe your baby’s growth in detailed or however you wish. This process is also important in detecting and preventing any early signs of physical complications.

  1.     Advising you on proper hygiene procedures

Newborns are still rather physically frail and are therefore vulnerable to infections from bacteria and viruses from their surroundings. As a mother, it’s important to keep your body clean to minimize the danger of infectious diseases spreading to your baby. As such, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene, even if you choose to follow the traditional confinement practice of not taking a bath for the initial confinement period.

  1.     Mentoring you on baby care

You won’t be along during your confinement period, as the staff nurse will be there to guide you on all baby care procedures. These include changing diapers, feeding and burping your baby, and even bonding with your child.

In any case, you can expect a staff nurse to provide advice in a professional manner. This means you won’t be pressured to accept any taboos and practices, which may be the case in more traditional confinement care. You can rest assured that your opinions and feelings will always be taken into account at Mommy Mansion.

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