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What Can Confinement Centers Offer You?

Confinement centers have become more popular of late, with many mothers choosing to stay at one rather than staying at home. They are comfortable retreats that provide special care for mothers and their newborns.

You may be wondering how confinement centers may differ from more traditional confinement care, such as having a confinement lady at home. Well, here are some aspects offered that will benefit you:

Presence of professional healthcare workers 24 hours a day

Many confinement centers would have a trained nurse on standby 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This means that you can seek help in case of any emergency involving yourself or your baby. There’s no need to travel out of your home, especially if something happens in the middle of the night.

Balanced and nutritious meals prepared every day

Mommy Mansion serves balanced and nutritious meals on a daily basis. These planned meals focuses on hygiene and are not reliant upon traditional confinement practices. Rest assured you won’t have to eat ginger and wine-infused dishes all the time.

Baby and personal items provided

Throughout your stay with us, you’ll have various baby items provided for you and your child. These include diapers, swaddles, baby shampoo and more. In your room, you’ll have toiletries in your en-suite bathroom so you don’t have to stock up before coming.

Complete security

The baby care room at Mommy Mansion comes equipped with a CCTV system so you can check on your baby at any given time. Your baby will also be looked after by experienced caregivers throughout your stay. If you would like to have your baby in your room with you, a cot will be provided so you can have your child close by.

Extra services and activities

Besides to providing meals, lodgings and healthcare for you and your baby, our confinement center also has plenty of activities and services for new mothers. These include parenting talks, workshops and more. Mothers can also visit our wellness area, where we provide massages and spa treatments to promote relaxation and healing.

The company of other mothers

Rather than be stuck at home by yourself and not seeing anyone, you’ll be able to interact with other mothers when you stay at a confinement center. This means you won’t feel lonely and can share experiences and gain support from mothers going through the same experiences as you.


Mommy Mansion is a place for you to relax and be stress-free in your first few days as a mother. We provide the support you need in a modern setting, based on the latest medical knowledge and expertise. You can count on us for all your needs and more during this crucial time in you and your child’s life.

We’re a boutique confinement centre located in the town of Klang, Selangor, dedicated to mothers and newborn babies.