Dear Mothers,

We understand. It’s never easy being a mother, especially, right after giving birth. You’ll be sleepless, exhausted and worried about all the things that you would not be able to control.

But, that’s alright. We assure you, all the feelings that you will be going through are normal, and in fact, expected by us.

About Us

We’re a boutique confinement centre located in the town of Klang, Selangor, dedicated to mothers and newborn babies.

We’d like to imagine, we’re a place that’s called, a “Home Away From Home”. You see, as a mother, we all want our children to always feel comfortable. So, we took it upon ourselves to combine our skills and knowledge of postpartum and postnatal care to serve mothers around Klang & Kuala Lumpur by providing them with a safe space that’s dedicated to their personal needs.

At Mommy Mansion, we strive to attend to every mother’s whims and needs to ensure that every mother is understood, happy and provided for through our services.

Our Mission

To spread love, warmth and care to all Mothers

Our Vision

To provide the best experience possible for mothers and babies in a natural setting.

Our Promise

It’s healing through care and love. You have to heal yourself to take care of your children because that’s the most important, right? If you're curious about what we have to offer, drop us a question or, continue to read more about who we are here.

During Your Stay

You will be a princess. Mommy’s little princess.

Because we know the first 28 days, will be your most important time in becoming a mother.

It’s our pinky promise to you. It’s Mommy Mansion’s promise.

Privacy between Mother & Baby

We'll let you and your little one have all the privacy needed if that's what's asked for.

Healing Confinement Food

We'll cook all your favorite food that's healing, healthy and nutritious

Fun & Playful

We'll keep you entertained with all our fun and playful activities that'll ensure it feels like it's a holiday


Postpartum / Confinement Care
Postnatal Care
Traditional Postnatal Massages
24/7 Nurse Care
Confinement Food / Diet
Breastfeeding Support & Guidance

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Operating Time :10:00am  to 6:00pm